Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

200g Bruton Brie

200g Bruton Brie - £6.99

This cheese is an excellent example of a mild and creamy brie, made from Guernsey Cows' milk.


200g Rutland Red

200g Rutland Red - £5.50

Made using a traditional recipe, Rutland Red is buttered, cloth-bound and matured for six months to produce a flaky, open texture cheese with a slightly sweet, caramelised flavour and rich golden orange colour. It is the only pasteurised Red Leicester produced in the county of Leicestershire


215g Driftwood

215g Driftwood - £7.95

This ash coated goats cheese log has a geotrichum rind and a soft, creamy texture. With citrus notes and earthy undertones.


Golden Acre Fat Free Fruit Yoghurts 20 x 100g

Golden Acre Fat Free Fruit Yoghurts 20 x 100g - £6.50

Strawberry / Peach & Passion Fruit / Raspberry


Tunworth 250g

Tunworth 250g - £9.49

Tunworth is our own, very British, Camembert – a soft, white-rinded cheese wonderfully reminiscent of its French cousin. Tunworth is made markedly different thanks to the rounded green hills and lush grazing of its rural Hampshire terroir. Despite being refined and perfected over the years Tunworth is still made entirely by hand – from the first ladle of pasteurised whole cow’s milk to the waxed paper wrap and poplar box packaging. The finished 250g cheese has a soft, thin and wrinkled rind, a rich and earthy mushroom fragrance, and a long-lasting sweet and nutty flavour.


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